AleJay Green Cleaning was established in 2014 by Brooke Knotts. Located in South Charlotte, NC, AleJay Green Cleaning specializes in offering recurring home cleanings, deep cleanings, and cleaning vacation rentals.

At AleJay, we pride ourselves on our 5-star service, punctuality, and professionalism. We also advocate for eco-friendly cleaning products — such as Young Living Essential Oils — to provide a healthy, non-toxic, and natural environment for our clients and their guests.

We offer free quotes on all of our services then provide a concrete cost for the project from there. Once you contact us, our dependable customer service ensures we’re able to serve you within one to two weeks. Our clients appreciate the dedication we bring to every home we clean, just as much as we enjoy giving them a clean place to call home. 

Great job, very professional and thorough.

Lisa L.
Thank you for such a great job and making it so easy to work with you!!!
Carolyn H.

Donna Alejay and her crew have gone above and beyond for us. Donna is always responsive and super accommodating. She and her staff don’t simply clean our vacation rental home. They look for ways to make the place more comfortable and enjoyable for guests. We are very grateful to them!

Ames A.

Alejay is the best cleaning company we’ve had in all the years she nice we built the house in 2005.

Don F.

Very dependable, calls you back, “clean” cleaning products and offer suggestions. Very nice person to work with!

Shahnaz A.

General Cleaning 

Cleaning your house on a consistent basis is easier said than done! When you’re on our schedule, we make sure to keep your home up to par. Some duties we provide are disinfecting surfaces, emptying trash cans, cleaning bathrooms and kitchens, as well as mopping and/or vacuuming your floors. If you want to learn more about what general home cleaning entails and how we can take a huge load off your shoulders click here.  

Deep Cleaning

Whether you’re preparing to sell your house or are looking to maintain that spotless shine on your kitchen windows, we can make sure your house looks brand-new by the end of one of our deep cleaning sessions. We can clean your stove, fridge, and windows as well as any job offered in our general cleaning package. We can also restock supplies like paper towels and toilet paper, replace your HVAC filters, provide small repair services, and more! Click here to learn more about our deep cleaning services. 

Vacation Rentals

Make sure your rental units always stay clean and fresh with our professional cleaning service. Our vacation rental cleaning services offer a variety of services including, but not limited to: disinfecting surfaces, landscaping, restocking supplies, cleaning linens replacing appliances, and installing lights. Upon request we can even clean debris from pools or hot tubs, clean grills and check the gas tank, and check for Wifi and TV functionality. Click here for more information on our services and new COVID-19 policies.

Schedule an Appointment Now!If you are interested in green-cleaning, the products we use, and/or would like to schedule a walkthrough of your home and receive a free quote on our services, please click on the button at the top of the page or contact us here.