Whether you’re preparing to sell your house or are looking to maintain that spotless shine on your kitchen windows, we can make sure your house looks brand-new by the end of one of our deep cleaning sessions.

Our deep cleaning services provide all the service of general cleanings, and more!

*Additional services are charged hourly


  • Sinks, countertops, and toilets naturally disinfected
  • Showers, glass, and tubs scrubbed free of mildew and scum
  • Light fixtures, fans, mirrors, and accessories wiped
  • Exterior of cabinets and shelves cleaned
  • Windows and sills wiped
  • Toiletries and toilet paper replenished as needed
  • Floors vacuumed and hand-washed
  • Towels washed, folded and replaced on towel racks


  • Exterior of cabinets and shelves cleaned
  • Exterior & interior of microwave, toaster, coffee maker cleaned
  • Counter-tops, back-splashes, sinks, tables, and chairs wiped
  • Stovetop, drip pans, exterior & interior of oven scrubbed
  • Interior & exterior of refrigerator cleaned and perishable food removed
  • Dishes washed and put away
  • Floors vacuumed and mopped
  • Paper towels and supplies restocked
  • Trash emptied and trash bin cleaned

Family Rooms

  • Shelves, curios, lamps, and pictures dusted
  • Cobwebs removed
  • Baseboards and moldings dusted
  • Furniture vacuumed
  • Floors vacuumed and washed
  • Entryway window & backdoor glass cleaned
  • Ceiling fans and blinds dusted
  • Windows and sills wiped
  • Trash cans emptied and relined


  • Linens changed and beds made with bedspread turned down
  • Dirty linens washed and folded
  • Furniture dusted and mirrors wiped 
  • Drawers checked and wiped when needed
  • Ceiling fans and blinds dusted
  • Frames, doors, curios dusted
  • Windows and sills wiped
  • Trash cans emptied and relined
  • Wash all dirty linens and fold
  • Floors and furniture vacuumed and mopped

Outside Services (Upon Request)

  • Entryway windows and backdoor glass washed
  • Porch swept and front door cleaned 
  • External ceiling fans wiped
  • Exterior furniture wiped down
  • Pool and/or hot tub checked for debris; report as necessary
  • Grill cleaned and gas tank checked
  • Trash taken to curb

Other Possible Services:

  • Damage or excessively dirty homes photographed and reported to the owner
  • HVAC filters changed
  • Maintenance services coordinated
  • Functionality of TV and WiFi confirmed
  • Supplies checked and restocked
  • Mail collected and redirected

At AleJay we recommend getting a deep cleaning every month to maintain the condition and cleanliness of your home. Whether you are interested in our general or deep cleanings you can download a form here to specify what services you want us to take care of. 

For additional information, you can contact us or make an appointment here.